hi, i'm fern or FDS

or that girl with the curly purple hair

#nofilter #makeupfree #naturalbeauty
art director // professional napper

I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and some BSL and Italian.

(My brain is a linguistic mess, and yes my dreams are multilingual)

My stick figures usually come out crooked. It's such a bummer.


I believe in putting the cereal before the milk, but either way is fine as long as the bowl isn't forgotten.

I read celebrity news religiously because I'm #cultured.

​I'm pretty talented at Google searches, finding promo codes online, putting furniture together (#ikea), and toasting toast.

kudos that might possibly matter*

Extra Nerdy 100% PhD Scholarship / Miami / 2018

Silver Radio ADDYs / Miami / 2017

Drum Chip Shop / London / 2017

Shortlisted Young Shits / USA / 2017

Top Dog Gold Paw / Miami / 2017

Portfolio Center Silver Art Direction / Atlanta / 2016

Nerdy Undergrad Scholarship / Rio / 2014-15

* As a grammar nerd, I'd also like to mention I won the Spelling Bee during my senior year of high school #justsaying